Creating clarity and focus at Sabio

LeaderSpace worked with the shareholders, Board and key senior staff to create a greater sense of unity, clarity and purpose for this leading communications company. The changes the Board made as a result increased focus and accountability at the top and had a noticeable effect on the company’s bottom line.


When Sabio and LeaderSpace first met, Sabio was entering a new phase of its development as an organisation. It was no longer a young start-up, focused purely on growing its capacity and market presence. It was an established brand looking to create sustainable long-term value in the face of a global economic downturn. To do so, Sabio’s Board believed they needed to create a greater sense of shared ownership throughout the organisation. They wanted their specialised middle-managers to work more collaboratively across departments to make delivering innovation and high quality customer service more efficient and cost effective. But the top team also recognised that creating a shift in their staff would require them to make a similar shift themselves.

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