ARC: unconventional ‘must have’ leadership development for a professional services firm

The client asked us to help enhance the leadership capabilities of its most promising Senior Managers and Assistant Directors, initially in just one part of the firm. We created a challenging, personalised leadership programme that had such an impact that it became a compulsory career milestone across all service lines in the UK and Switzerland, and attracted participants from several other member firms across Europe and Africa. In seven years, more than 1200 participants took part in groups of six to twelve.



The firm asked us to help build a stronger, larger cohort of resilient, inspirational leaders – both at this grade and the level above. Critically, our stakeholders wanted to encourage Senior Managers, Assistant Directors and Directors to identify and establish their own distinctive leadership styles, rather than “cloning” senior figures or giving the impression that there’s just one way to lead or one way to be successful in the firm. To achieve this, they needed us to bring them an innovative, high-impact leadership programme that would relate to each participant’s individual needs, personality and context.

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