Satwant Kaur

Satwant brings an innate energy, insight, passion and pragmatism. Her approach is founded in the belief that everyone can work through the opportunities and challenges they face, and that it’s her role to help facilitate that journey through a series of coaching conversations.


Satwant is a consultant, facilitator and coach, specialising in organisational change, leadership development, talent management and building globally diverse teams. She is particularly interested in the underlying behaviours that make up an organisation’s culture. Her coaching style is based on empowering clients by raising awareness of their strengths whilst at the time creating a safe space for reflection, development, expression and commitment to action.

Her diverse, international client base includes BBC, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, the European Commission, European Parliament, L’Oreal, The Argus Group the UK’s National Health Service, Oxfam, Queen Mary University, South Bank University, The Law Society, Ticketmaster, the United Nations and Action Aid. Whoever she’s working with, Satwant brings her understanding of the complexity of human systems and helps optimise and leverage all forms of diversity in the pursuit of inclusion at all levels.

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