Anna Heywood

Anna blends a relaxed, approachable style with perceptive, incisive questioning rooted in a deep understanding of human nature. Her clients are quick to trust her and quick to get to the heart of whatever topics they bring to the table. She finds her passion for life-long learning is met in equal measures by her work and her role as a parent.


Anna is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist, working as an executive coach and facilitator, specialising in leadership development for individuals, groups, teams and organisations. She spends much of her time working with directors, chief executives and their leadership teams to improve organisational capability, culture and performance. She also trains and supervises other coaches and has helped numerous organisations to adopt a coaching culture.

Anna has a particular passion for helping leaders and teams navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous nature of their organisations. She is inherently curious about what makes people tick and why we behave in the ways we do, so she brings both psychological understanding and an appreciation of the commercial realities of organisational life. Hence her focus on aligning individuals’ and teams’ development agendas to the needs of the organisation as a whole, to ensure everyone gets a return on their investment and sees evidence of improved performance.

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