Anna Crollick

Anna is passionate about enabling people to find greater clarity of purpose, meaning and happiness at work. Her approach is rooted in psychological rigour and insight. She's also fascinated by the impact visual images can have on coaching. So she sometimes weaves that into her work, along with her children’s paints, pipe-cleaners and pompoms.


Anna is a registered Chartered Occupational Psychologist and accredited executive coach with over 15 years’ experience of coaching and team facilitation. She has coached, consulted and facilitated at all levels in organisations, developing entrepreneurs, senior leaders and future leaders in a wide range of sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

Her approach to people development is bespoke, creative and based on sound psychological approaches and neuroscience. Through her warm, gently encouraging style and insightful, perceptive questioning, she creates a space in which people can recognise and value their innate potential. She has specific expertise in leadership development focused on greater awareness of self and others, excellence in communication, diversity of thought and problem solving.

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