Leadership Development Programmes

It’s not easy defining and closing the gap between the leadership you have today and the leadership you’ll need for tomorrow.

Three Core Disciplines for Leadership and Team PerformanceDeveloping what, exactly?

We always start by working with you to understand the ‘step up’ required of your organisation’s leaders. Then we create or co-create the developmental experiences that will help them make and maintain that transition.

While we never assume this will be the case – and you’ll have your own way of describing it – the step-up has usually required leaders to develop their ability to deliver in one or more of three areas:

  • Establishing direction, often in the face of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Securing commitment from the people they lead and/or key stakeholders
  • Building the capacity required to succeed – whether that capacity is their own or others and whether it comes in the form of skills, knowledge, resources, time or the necessary enabling processes and structures

These ‘Three Core Disciplines’ appear in some form in most competency frameworks and books on leadership. Our own work with thousands of leaders in a wide range of organisations across six continents tells us these are key to success for any leader, team or organisation. Hence, clients typically ask us to help their leaders…

Establish a compelling direction

  • Develop an inspiring vision at a personal, team and/or organisational level
  • Lead through change and in complex operating environments
  • Make quality decisions with limited, ambiguous and contradictory data
  • Craft a way forward that addresses the conflicting needs of different stakeholder groups
  • Align strategy, culture and leadership throughout the organisation

Secure people’s commitment

  • Develop greater self-awareness, empathy and relationship skills
  • Enhance personal impact, influence and ability to inspire
  • Gain a better understanding and appreciation of team dynamics
  • Create a culture of trust and genuine accountability
  • Build confidence, self-control and resilience

Build capacity in teams and organisations

  • Recognise and address factors inhibiting their own performance
  • Ensure teams have the skills and resources they need to deliver
  • Create a more effective feedback culture
  • Improve coaching and mentoring skills
  • Upgrade people’s internal ‘operating systems’ so they’re better equipped for a ‘VUCA’ world1

1. ‘VUCA’ refers to conditions that a Volatile, Uncertain (or Unpredictable), Complex and/or Ambiguous. You’ll find a full description in the sample chapters of Upgrade, which you can access for free at the bottom of this page.


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