Executive Assessment

Failing to select the best people for key roles can have serious consequences for your organisation. Hiring or promoting the perfect people, but failing to identify and support their development needs can prove equally damaging and costly.

How Executive Assessment can help

It has been estimated that over £14 billion1 is wasted each year in the UK and over $100 billion in the US as a consequence of poor selection and poor transitional support. Our Executive Assessment service helps you:

Recruit and promote the right people

  • Gain a deeper insight into the strengths, weaknesses, assets and liabilities of candidates
  • Develop a clearer understanding of a leader’s intellectual capacity and whether they will be key motivators or derailers

Enhance and accelerate their impact on the organisation

  • Identify the transitional support requirements of those recruited or promoted
  • Provide them with a personalised development plan
  • Give advice on maximising staff’s potential

1. The Future Foundation & SHL (2004) Getting the Edge in the New People Economy.


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To discuss how Executive Assessment could help your organisation, please call Richard Boston on +44 7949 324001. Alternatively, email hello@leaderspace.com.