Catapult programmes

We're committed to working systemically, rather than simply tackling isolated symptoms and providing short-term 'band aids'. The reality is that some challenges are just too big for one team or organisation to address on their own. So, we bring them together with other teams – from their own organisation or others - to address those bigger, shared issues.

What do we mean by ‘catapults’?

Most of the leaders, teams and organisations we work with face complex challenges. So, too, do the industries and geographical regions in which they operate. The systemic work we do with individual organisations helps create a step-change in the quality of leadership that can have knock-on effects at an industry or regional level. However, some of the bigger challenges can only really be addressed by bringing two or more groups of people together to work through the issues side-by-side. So we run three types of integrated ‘catapult’ programme, each targeting a specific type of challenge:

Industry catapults

Bringing teams and organisations together from within the same or related industries to address a common problem. For instance, answering questions like:

  • How do we grow the talent pool required for our city to become a sustainably competitive IT and media hub?
  • How do we, as mid-tier financial and professional services firms, deliver greater value to our clients in the face of stiff competition and increasing commoditisation?
  • How do we, as a collection of community groups, create a more sustainable way of living and working?

Regional catapults

Bringing key stakeholders together to tackle the really difficult challenges a geographical region is facing. For example:

  • How do we increase local per capita productivity by 10%?
  • How do we reduce the disparity of incomes and career prospects across the region?
  • How do we improve the standard of living for an ageing population?

System catapults

Addressing challenges faced by organisations that already work together. Examples include:

  • How could Retailer X, Supplier Y and Distributor Z grow together in partnership, rather than at each other’s expense?
  • How does Government Agency A get greater collective value from the dozens of smaller suppliers it’s using to implement a massive IT and change programme?


Sending the issue on a development programme

Instead of sending individuals, teams and organisations on a development programme, we are sending ‘the issue’ on that programme. We start by identifying a core, intractable issue for an organisation, industry, community or geographic region. Then we find the individuals, teams and organisations with the greatest capacity and commitment to tackle that issue. We then help them channel their collective knowledge, skills, fresh ideas and conflicting perspectives to create a robust, sustainable way forward. It’s challenging work – that’s why the problems have been problems for so long – but it’s highly rewarding work that makes a real difference.

The fourth catapult

Typically, each participating organisation will also be on its own individual catapult journey – with LeaderSpace helping accelerate its performance by working with critical teams, individuals and/or developing the organisation’s overall leadership capacity. Indeed participation in one of the three catapult programmes above is a fantastic way to broaden leaders’ and teams’ horizons as part of their own development.


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