Our approach is ‘systemic’

Leaders don’t lead in a vacuum, but this is often overlooked. Our work treats individuals, teams, organisations and their operating environments as interconnected systems.

Our bespoke solutions target what’s really driving performance

In order to develop great leaders and great teams who deliver lasting value to your organisation, we help them look beyond the obvious to find out what’s really holding them back. This means working with them to understand what’s helping and hindering them in each of four ‘systems’:

  • Their own history, personality, mind-set, habits and preferences
  • Their team’s established patterns and ways of working
  • Their other stakeholders’ shifting priorities
  • Their organisation’s structure, processes, culture and external environment

These same systems are at play all the time: when leaders try to apply what they’ve learned on typical training programmes, when they join new teams and when teams themselves try to do their best in challenging times. So, whatever the challenge, we help you, your leaders and teams identify the ‘systemic’ factors underpinning their performance.

The next step is to turn these powerful systemic insights into actions that deliver lasting improvements in performance. An ‘off the shelf’ approach very rarely works, so we create the right solution based on your unique needs. This generally involves working at one or more of four levels:


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To learn more about our approach, click one of the links above or take a look at our case studies. Or to discuss your challenges in person, please call Richard Boston on +44 7949 324001. Alternatively, email hello@leaderspace.com.