Richard Boston

Richard, LeaderSpace’s Managing Director, has a special interest in the systemic issues facing teams and organisations, and is passionate about helping leaders become as good as the world needs them to be. He has a love of learning and continuous improvement – and of running up and down muddy hills.


Richard is a Chartered Business Psychologist with a thorough knowledge of leadership, team performance, and psychology. He’s the author of ARC Leadership, arguing that leaders need to be Authentic, Responsible and Courageous if they and their organisations are to move from surviving to thriving in a complex world. He aims to model those qualities himself, so he’s known as genuine, challenging and inquisitive, as well as being a deeply curious lateral thinker.

More recently, he wrote The Boss Factor, which looks at leadership from the opposite direction and has at its heart 10 lessons in managing up for mutual gain. His third book, which he is co-authoring with Karen Ellis, helps leaders develop their own and others’ capacity to process and respond to the complexity. It’s a book that breaks new ground in the world of ‘vertical development’ – a paradigm shift in learning and development that substitutes the traditional approach of ‘adding more apps’ to people for an approach that ‘upgrades their operating systems’.

Richard believes in delivering exceptional outcomes – something made possible by a ‘one size fits one’ rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. He is committed to finding new ways to create lasting behavioural change, and helping organisations in the private, public and third sector achieve their objectives. His clients have included BHP, BT, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Shell, Siemens, Virgin, and the Australian bank Westpac. Public and third sector clients have included HM Prisons and Constabularies, the NHS, various nations’ armed forces, charities, a parliamentary directorate and the South Australian Government.

You can reach Richard at or on +44 7949 324001.

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