Nepal: The Sherpa Challenge

Inspired by Alex Shirley of Sydney’s PrimalFit, Dean and Richard took the "Sherpa Challenge" in April 2015, carrying participants in a leadership development programme to help raise funds to support the people of Nepal. Watch them making fools of themselves in one of the videos below, then decide how you'll get involved by taking your own Sherpa Challenge...

Watch the movie; get involved; spread the word

We challenge you to spread the word and get involved. Film your own Sherpa Challenge, nominate 3 people, pass it on and donate to, the Red Cross or

Alex advises anyone participating to warm up properly, maintain good posture throughout the challenge and “switch on their core”. You should also opt to be carried if you find yourself nominated and suffer with back problems. If you’re interested in learning more about PrimalFit, you’ll find them here.


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