Meet the LeaderSpace team

Our team is energetic, expert, highly personal and thoroughly professional. All of us love what we do and invest heavily in our own development. We care passionately about the people and organisations we work with, which is why we provide tailor-made solutions to help them with their complex challenges.

Richard Boston

Richard, LeaderSpace’s Managing Director, has a special interest in the systemic issues facing teams and organisations, and is passionate about helping leaders, their teams and their organisations fulfil their potential. His love of learning and wide experience ensures he always brings fresh insight to every project. To relax he runs up and down muddy hills.

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Jane BostonJane Boston

Jane is a Director of LeaderSpace and heads up our executive coaching practice. She blends a high level of empathy and support with the ability to get to the heart of any issue. She’s passionate about achieving lasting change for individuals and organisations, and is famous for being completely unflappable.

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Bernard CookeBernard Cooke

Bernard, a Chartered Business Psychologist and accredited executive coach, also works as a supervisor to other coaches. He has a dry, self-deprecating sense of humour and a unique way of challenging that provokes insight, not defensiveness. He has special interests in resilience and red wine.

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Andy GudgeonAndy Gudgeon

Andy has extensive experience as a leader and great faith in people and what they can achieve. He embodies a unique combination of humour, insight and energy. He has a famously Zen-like presence and a black-belt in Ju-jitsu.

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Sarah MastSarah Mast

Sarah is an experienced organisational development consultant. She is famed for being quick to grasp exactly what clients need, is bags of fun and has boundless enthusiasm. She thrives in any lively or challenging environment.

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Shefali SharmaShefali Sharma

Shefali is highly knowledgeable in psychology and emotional intelligence, and sees right to the core of issues. She is a Chartered Psychologist with a special interest in neuroscience. Shefali has an insatiable appetite for learning and is a warm, giving person. She has helped rear lions and tigers – and has the scars to prove it.

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Dean TaylorDean Taylor

Dean is a Chartered Business Psychologist with a special interest in emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Infectiously enthusiastic, amusing and somewhat irreverent, he also has three sons and a stepdaughter, which is a leadership challenge in its own right.

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Natasha GrahamNatasha Graham

Natasha combines rigorous ethical standards with a highly perceptive interpersonal style. Her passion lies in uncovering authenticity in individuals, teams and organisations to enable true change and continuous growth. Her love of the countryside and her personal discipline in practicing ballet keeps her on her toes outside of work.

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